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  • Mole & Skin Tag  Removal 60 mins (Non Invasive)

Mole & Skin Tag Removal 60 mins (Non Invasive)


Skin tags and moles can be bothersome and unsightly to some people. Skin tags are common conditions that appear as harmless fleshy bumps that protrude from the skin surface of your skin. They can appear anywhere on the body but mostly on the face, neck, deltoid, stomach, under arms and back area. They can happen to anyone often runs in families. They are not medically dangerous but can be annoying and uncomfortable. Some people get them removed because of their appearance. Removing skin tags from the face makes the face look more youthful.


This non invasive procedure to remove skin tags are done with a electro current device that’s safe and effective. The electro current device is a machine with a pen like metal probe that produces electricity to heat the targeted skin tag/mole. Once the skin tag is heated it will scab over and fall off in 3-15 days. After scabbing falls off there will be a light spot that will regenerate its normal color in 2-3 months. Some risk of hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation can occur due to each individual skin healing process and proper aftercare treatment. If this occur other skin treatments can be done to help improve its appearance.


The procedure is pain free (numbing cream will be applied)

Healing time 10-21 days depending on skin type

Little to no down time

Quick & Easy

A treatment plan can be set up for multiple areas




Service require 30 min numbing time


60 min session $200


90 mins session $275


Additional time needed 15 min sessions $50


You can choose which areas for the time session of choice


A Deposit Is Required For Booking And Will Be Applied To Your Service Price. Deposit Will Be Non Refundable Due To No Shows And Cancellations With In 24 Hours




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